aeo final csAuthorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Business Change Consultancy Limited has been assisting companies to achieve Authorised Economic Operator status since 2008.

What is AEO and what is its objective?

AEO is the EU's response to the WCO's SAFE program to enhance security within the International Supply Chain. It also covers additional areas within the business, such as customs compliance and financial solvency.

Who should apply for AEO?

Any company involved in the International Supply Chain, can apply for one of these statuses:

  • C - Customs Simplifications
  • S - Safety and Security accreditation
  • F - Full accreditation

The full benefits of AEO can only be obtained with Full accreditation.

What are the Benefits?

Reductions in Guarantees for certain Customs Authorisations (UCC) which becomes effective in 2016
Recognised status across the EU and international countries with signed mutual agreements
A lower Risk Score with EU Custom's authorities reducing the need for physical / documentary checks on movements
Simplified pre-arrival / departure summary declarations
Potential business opportunities with companies who require recognised standards from business partners

How Business Change Consultancy helps clients.

Following an initial consultation we work with your organisation through the application process, for both the Customs and Security aspects. We review your company procedures and advise on key aspects, such as the Risk and Threat Analysis, that is required by HMRC for a successful application.

To find out more please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download our AEO Fact Sheet


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