Security in the air became a major concern after the bombing of a flight above Lockerbie in 1988 and subsequently the 9/11 attacks using aircraft as weapons of mass destruction. Also in 2010 two improvised explosive devices were transported as air cargo consignments.

Such events have led to the need for a rigorous air cargo security scheme.

Within the UK air cargo must be subject to security checks to ensure that it does not contain articles such as explosives or anything which may cause a fire. The cargo can be screened using a number of techniques by a regulated agent or by an exporter becoming a known consignor.

A Regulated Agent is a company that has been approved by the UK CAA to EU standards. These are generally freight agents who arrange the movement of cargo around the world through their own company structure or a series of partner agreements.

A Known Consignor is an exporter, within the EU, that has been validated. This system is controlled by the UK CAA .

Business Change Consultancy offer support services to all of the parties that may be involved with this important scheme to make sure cargo moves effectively through airports.

Denis O'Sullivan is trained to Security Manager level. In addition he holds Security Clearance at SC level.


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